The story of Hopped Up Brewing started centuries ago with the invention of beer. Beer has literally waited hundreds of years for this moment in time, and now it’s excited. Yes, 2015 is that date and Hopped Up Brewing is now here.

2016_0609_15110400smMost breweries proudly show off their establishment date.

Est. 1956… Est. 1849… That’s cute.

At Hopped Up Brewing, ours reads Est. 5016BC*. Because our story starts waaaaay back with the invention of beer itself.

Go ahead, laugh. But when you’re obsessed with brewing exceptional craft beer genuine to tradition like we are, beer is serious business (or maybe it’s our humourless German heritage).

Either way, we believe beer was perfected in Europe, and spend every waking hour digging up original recipes to inspire our craft. And when we say inspire, we really mean it. Some breweries treat beer recipes like Chinese whispers, where a classic Kölsch can somehow wind up with hints of chilli bubble-gum.

We simply take traditional, time-honoured processes and recipes, then make them our own by sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world and precisely optimising IBU, OG and ABV measurements.

The result is the smoothest of beer, full-flavoured and brimming with frothy goodness. We even serve it in big cans, the next best thing to kegs for quality control (plus they stack in your esky like a dream).

We’re just going to go right out and say it – Hopped Up Brewing is setting the standard for modern craft beers. Boom. And here’s the best bit – without the expense of a ritzy location, we can get our world-class beer to your lips without pillaging your pockets.

If we can be certain of one thing after the hundreds of years it’s taken for beer to reach this moment in history, it’s this.

It was worth the wait.

*Legally 2015