Impala Pale Ale

Cruising to Rotto with an esky full of ice under a January sun. Backyard one-handers at your mate’s Australia Day pool party. Kicking back in a turkey coma on Christmas Day at Aunty Steph’s.

Long, sun-filled days are made for Impala Pale Ale, our flagship session beer gracefully balancing malt and hop characters with mid ABV for high drinkability. One sip and you’ll be can-in-hand the entire day. It’s frisky, frothy heaven – just don’t mistake it for those crystal-clear filtered summer drops that strip away the natural goodness. To us, a pale ale should be a full-bodied brew.

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Freddy’s Pilsner

You won’t see any “Cheeky Badger’s Knees” or “Weasel’s Woolly Mittens” on the label of this timeless brew. We’ve simply named it in honour of a very special man we hold dear. And like the deep German tradition that inspired its creation, his story must be told to live on.

It was way back in 1987 Germany when a 50-year-old Freddy decided he wanted a better life for his wife and three teenage kids. So he asked where the hottest place in Australia was, and before they knew it, they’d packed up their lives and made a fresh, yet sweaty start in Perth.

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Magnum Kölsch

Bang. That’s the sound of us nailing this brew. Our Magnum Kölsch is a real weapon, inspired by centuries of authentic Bavarian recipes and brewing traditions.

Yep, we’ve learnt from the best to create the best with our Magnum Kölsch. Bavarians are considered to be amongst the world’s original craft brewers, with a 500-year-old purity law guaranteeing their beers contain only four classic ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast. No preservatives, froth stabilisers, or flavour enhancers. Just pure, frothy goodness in its most gloriously unashamed nakedness.

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Bavarian Lion Wheat

Rustle rustle, whats that noise? It’s the sound of the fearsome Bavarian Lion, creeping through the wheat fields, ready to launch his attack on Australia’s wheat beer market!

The Lion is the most famous symbol of Bavaria, symbolizing strength, bravery and royalty, and we have made this beer in it’s image. Our Bavarian Wheat beer will impress even the toughest of critics with it’s smooth clean taste and notes of banana which will leave you begging for more.
Made from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, we have crafted this brew to be the king of the wheat beer jungle.

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